Circulars/Public Notices
S.No Circular No Circular Title Date of Issue Download
1 RERA/ENF/01 Circular regarding the compliance guidelines for “Advertisement of Real Estate Projects” 21/12/2017 pdf
2 RERA/ENF/02 Circular regarding registration fee of open areas/ common areas/ utility areas 23/01/2018 pdf
3 RERA/ENF/03 Circular regarding project category of villas/ independent floors 24/01/2018 pdf
4 RERA/ENF/04 Circular – in supersession of Circular RERA/ENF/01 13/02/2018 pdf
5 Public Notice Press Notes 24/08/2017 – 28/12/2017 pdf
6 RERA/ENF/05 Circular regarding registration of projects developed outside planning area 16/03/2018 pdf
7 RERA/ENF/06 Circular regarding request by promoters for change of Special Bank Account as required by the provisions of Section 4(2)(1)(D) of the Act 19/03/2018 pdf
8 Public Notice Public Notice – Regarding the Online Registration of Real Estate Projects and Agents 24/03/2018 pdf
9 RERA/ENF/07 Circular regarding Applications for registration of projects where the original application has been rejected by the Authority – charging of fee thereof 23/04/2018 pdf
10 RERA/Pb./ENF/08 Circular Regarding – Uploading of details of the projects, already registered on the web portal of the Authority 09/05/2018 pdf
11 RERA/Pb./ENF/09 Circular Regarding – Charging of registration fee for common areas in case of projects having mixed land use 09/05/2018 pdf
12 Public Notice Public Notice – Seeking co-operation from general public to ensure registration of all eligible projects under the Act 15/05/2018 pdf
13 Recruitment Notice Recruitment Notice – for the post of Secretary and Personal Assistant 18/05/2018 pdf
14 RERA/ENF/11 Circular Regarding – Registration of Real Estate Agents - charging of fee thereof. 05/06/2018 pdf
15 RERA/ENF/10 Circular Regarding – Change of Bank Account Number by the Promoters 19/06/2018 pdf
16 Tender Notice Tender Notice for - Housekeeping Services as well as Multi-Tasking Staff Services 20/08/2018 pdf
17 Recruitment Notice Recruitment Notice – for the post of Secretary 20/08/2018 pdf
18 RERA/ENF/12 Circular Regarding – Charging of registration fee for Institutional Areas 30/08/2018 pdf
19 Circular Notice Order for Web-Portal Fee 31/08/2018 pdf
20 Public Notice Public Notice - Right To Information Act 27/09/2018 pdf
21 Public Notice Shifting Notice - Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Punjab 12/10/2018 pdf